United Kingdom: 36 Million Visitors

United Kingdom: 36 Million Visitors

Afternoon tea, posh accents and of course, the Queen, have built Britain into an image of refined elegance, and made it in this Top 10 of the most visited countries in the world. There is also the moody Scotland and Wales, and down-to-earth Northern Ireland. Combining the historical sites of local flavor under the “United Kingdom” banner, we have ourselves a myriad of landing points.

Travel out of center London and other major cities to engage with ancient soil.

Great Britain’s outskirts bellow with history, trajectory pieces together by Neolithic stone circles, crumbling castles and forts, Roman baths and new-age museums.

Scotland is the wildlands, bridging the lofty lochs and tumbling isles with chains of plain but imposing fortresses and what were once battlegrounds.

Northern Ireland in contrast is clinking pints and hip cities, drawing from both modern Britain and Scottish highlands.

Attractions: Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, Stonehenge, Edinburgh Castle, Roman Baths.

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