Thailand: 38 Million Visitors

Thailand: 38 Million Visitors

The spiritual and celestial guide many of Thailand’s cultural practices, prophesying the intertwining of sacred spaces and nature.

As you trail the splendid estates of gleaming temples and intricate shrines, you’ll stumble over the roots of ancient banyan trees, past green-framed Buddhas, and other floral offerings. Nature is never far. Thailand’s rural heartland comprises of deep caves, majestic waterfalls, beautiful rice terraces, and oscillating hills.

Chaotic city-life and serene farmland aside, visitors come for Thailand’s dynamic coast. Over a thousand islands dot its shores, gentle waters giving life to corals and whale sharks. Sea cliffs and sand strips invite outdoorsy travelers to stay and play, whereas the holiday towns of Ko Tao, Ko Samui and Ko Phi-Phi hard-sell with relaxing massages and tropical cuisine.

Attractions: Wat Pho, Grand Palace, Chiang Mai, Erawan National Park, Phuket region.

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