China: 63 Million Visitors

China: 63 Million Visitors

It is impossible to capture neither China’s vastness nor the breadth of its existence; it is this indelible quality that lures you in over and again.

Enigmatic and transparent at once, the country memorializes some and forgets others – beside fast-developed cities are crumbling villages, the time-worn Great Wall is unpolished against the vibrant hues of Buddhist temples, water towns some lively and some languid, gleaming metropolis a far cry from the desert-brushed fringes of the rural sprawl.

When you’ve had your fill of modern malls and artifact-filled museums, spare time for China’s magnificent landscapes. Choose between Yangshuo’s winding rivers, Hong Kong’s concrete jungle-scape, haunting Mongolia deserts, and the floral crown of Qinghai Lake.

Or maybe you’re better off picking at the historical intrigues within Beijing’s Forbidden City, perhaps seeking out the hidden speakeasies of Shanghai. Regardless, if you come for the scenery you stay for the food; for China’s culinary variations mean anything can be eaten and eaten with relish.

Attractions: Forbidden City, Great Wall, Shanghai’s French Concession, Xi’an’s Terracotta Warriors, Li River, Le Shan’s Grand Buddha.

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